When It Comes to Sun Protection Layer It On

When It Comes to Sun Protection Layer It On

Why UPF is every mom’s BFF.

Full disclosure: our family loves to be in the sun. Which makes sun protection so much more important—especially in these summer months when we spend every weekend under the warm glow of the sun. 

What we don’t love, however, is the thought of exposing our kids to sun damage. There are more sunscreens on the market than ever to help you find the right amount of protection for your little one’s skin. Mineral or chemical? Spray or lotion? But a great way to add an extra layer of protection is with wearable UPF clothing—comfortable, breathable and no need to reapply! 

Plus, it comes highly recommended. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), and doctors all across the country, sun protective clothing is a vital tool in shielding skin from sun exposure. 

So, What is UPF? It stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is another way to say that a fabric is designed to shield you from the sun’s most harmful rays. Like sunscreen, fabrics are assigned a rating that matches their effectiveness against UVA and UVB light. Ratings differ based on their level of protection, but the general rule is, the higher the rating the better the protection.

At BlueQuail Clothing Co., all of our designs utilize fabrics with a 50-or-higher UPF rating which sits at the top of the sun protection scale. Unlike sunscreen, UPF fabrics don’t rely on chemicals to block UV rays, but are instead woven tight enough to block them from ever getting through. Ideal for children with sensitive skin that can’t wait to go on their next outdoor adventure. 

The best part about UPF clothing is that it gives you more control over the level of sun exposure your kids get. According to the CDC, just a few sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later in life. Young, sensitive skin is especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays. And intense exposure at an early age can double the lifetime risk of more serious issues. 

But that's no reason to swear off sunshine for good. Just a reminder to keep your little ones safe when you spend time outside. The sun is a natural mood booster, a big warm hug and an invitation to explore the world outside, all rolled into one. A lack of sunshine can leave you feeling sad and even have a negative affect on your health. Vitamin D is important for bone and teeth health and has benefits far beyond building strong bones. It's essential for our muscles, nerves, and immune system to function properly. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide parents like you clothing that perfectly outfits every adventure you plan to take this summer. From nature hikes in national parks to nap time at Nana’s, we’ve got you covered and your little one protected. 

So get out there and enjoy the sun. But be safe while you’re doing it! 

If you happen to be stuck indoors, explore our new, everyday collection here.    

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