What to Do With Your Kids This Summer

What to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Other than watching Disney+ all day.

Home can be a place of comfort and restoration. And right now, there’s no safer place to be. But when home becomes the classroom, office and place of recreation for your family, it can be hard to find new ways to have fun. Below, you’ll find five ideas for keeping your little ones busy and your entire family healthy and happy. 

Share a Sign of Hope

Now more than ever, people could use a sign of hope. So, let’s give them one! Grab the markers and paint, and spread a little joy to those around you with a yard sign. Outline some uplifting words little ones can color in or around, or encourage your kids to share their own. Then post it in your window or yard for all your neighbors to see! 

Phone a Friend

These days it’s really easy to get together even when you’re far apart. Check-in with friends and family your kids might be missing. Better yet, connect with other moms and organize a virtual playdate over apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.  Gather a group of friends and hang out on a  screen. 

Host Your Own Cooking Show

They say food connects us all. And thanks to the internet, you can connect with all our favorite people (from a distance, of course) over one of your best-loved family recipes. Here’s how: find an easy-to-make, super adaptable recipe that doesn't involve too many ingredients or too much time. Choose your favorite, set a time and invite your friends and family to tune in live as your mini chef makes their big debut.

You friends and family will appreciate the entertainment and your kids will love hosting their very own cooking show! Ready to get cooking? Discover simple recipes and great tips on cooking with kids here.  

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Clear the floor, and get ready to cut a rug! There are tons of free online dance classes and YouTube tutorials that will get the whole family groovin’. Or if you’re looking for something less structured, DJ Mel in Austin, Texas, is hosting a weekly, kid-friendly Living Room Dance Party on his Facebook page. You can join the fun here

Pitch a Tent

When self-isolation is driving everyone stir-crazy, explore the great outdoors just beyond your back porch. Break out the smores, pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. You can do this two ways: grab your tent from the garage and pop it open, or get crafty and create a teepee for the kids. No matter your preference, both are fun to set up and enjoy in your backyard.

In years past, spring has always centered around growth, gatherings and genuine togetherness. And while this April we find ourselves rooted at home, we hope this list will help your family embrace the season and make the most of your time together. 

Stay healthy. Stay home. And stay connected with us @bluequailclothingco or #BQQTs.

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